Saturday, June 14, 2014

the missing starting point..maybe..

-diam- *gambar sekadar hiasan

"nothing is more dangerous than a closed mind" - cover of a buku latihan

Ive always been thinking how people can do something irrational..and below is the process that ive aways seen it as..(in short)

Emotional ---> Closed Mind

so it has always been the emotional quality, EQ is not something that can be easily trained, and today i wanna add my new thought to this link.. SENSITIVity..

Sensitivity--->Emotion-->Closed Mind

it has always been being too sensitive over something (which might not be necessary that can lead to bad decision)

*note that this link is a trackback of how something negative, or a bad decision happens. Sensitivity and Emotional quality also leads to many good things, but always the key is Sederhana, Sedang Sedang, No "too" ..

so today, ill try to train that part, sensitivity, be sensitive positively not negatively, inshaAllah will be protected, dijauhi, from a closed mind

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