Sunday, December 16, 2007

things called art...

1st stoodio project = hancho mancho!!! not in the mood for project yet!!!!
so..apalagi..release tention presentation weekendtion lahtion..and alhamdulillah..there are some events happening thiz weekend..first rantai art..(wooo njoy their ikhlust n ikhlas n ikhlast..nak mendokumenkan karya jugak la..hee.)...then figure eight this evening ( xsure lg..going or not going or gone in the crowds)..n..tonite kak nonie ajak nongkrong aladdin..which will be my first tym entering istana are some pics from rantai art event o7

*huahaha entri ini sudah lalu masanya..x sempat saja aku mempublish nya..alhamdulillah kini sudah tiba masanya..