Wednesday, December 1, 2010

masking tape

relationship yg x kukuh itu mcm masking tape.
rapuh dan topeng dan sementara

double sided..lekat..blend..sebab 2 side..relationship itu love kne 2 side..bukan mcm masking yg satunya love ..ikhlast..satu lg mungkin ikatan..ritual..status sosial..ikhlust..dan sebagainya..

huu..entry ini adalah satu lg notion pasal masking tape aku selain drpd medium lukisan..o seni jalanan..;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


semua bermula dengan satu kata yg aku jumpa

fikiranku fikir tentang makna
puisi itu apa makna?

hingga aku terkarang puisi
puisi makna puisi?

yang pasti puisi itu bukan sekadar kata kata
puisi itu bukan melodi indah
bukan ritma atau irama
bukan main suku kata

Aku fikir puisi
Puisi aku perhati
Puisi aku tafsir
Puisi aku rasa...



Monday, February 15, 2010

"material" feat. watercooler yg cool :)

lately..ive benn looking at things..
highlighted matter..coz matter is not material in my ;)
org salu kata..dunia ini materialistik..
but a ridsect..(aerosol..wrote my notion on this b4 in this same software called notepad..haha)
i saw something something..learned from it..
so things is not so materialistic..perhaps we should learn from matter n not materialistic
..god shows us lesson through things too..
but not juz from its function..but "matter".. learned from nature which is god creation too)...
its god revelation..gods creation is always good..for us to learn
and somehow i realized..what it meant by materialistic merosak..mengcorrupt..
its not matter / material at all..but the "not material" things behind it..tersirat..
materialistic is man creation..hidden behind the beautiful "matter"

and td..i realize something..from a small paper atas watercooler that say..
"do not throw rubbish on the watercooler..thank you"

cool kan watercooler..
so cool la watercooler boleh thn perangai org..
but although it have no brain or ability to think..
but its role..its function to serve..made me think cool cool watercooler..pun boleh x cool..rosak.
macam it got feelings lak to not functioning when treated bad..
when people do bad things..throwing rubbish/plastic..its not juz messy..
this is sgt merogol the system/role of watercooler..
it blocks the channel for the water to drain out..

everything and not thing is wonderful..kan?

oh..while writing this..
im flower? material..matter..materialistic?who create symbolism?
bah..out of topic..


/me tgh menyesal kerna x pernah menggunakan "notepad" btol btol to write his notion..
so one day in the future..he can lookback to see how his brainwork evolves..and laugh..learn from it..insyallah..
and notepad is cool..patut pun ada kat smua version of microsoft windows..hehe..
oh..n thank internet to i can save my notion kat internet..
sorry notepad..u still need to work together with blogspot..
both of u r cool :)
cozme..simpan bnd bersepah n last last..hilang..
hrp server blogspot wujud till im old..
and the time when i feel like wanted to look back
and see what i saw when im 21 years living on this world..


Friday, February 5, 2010

bubus..satu kata dari bunyi

dear Aerosol?
its hard to be u n datz y u r hard..
internalize pressure..poof! im not u..i want to..
but poof..i didnt explode..i just bubus.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


inspire..aspire..ire..ire..aku tidak??..arghh..apa apa...jenama laptop cuma