Wednesday, December 5, 2012

seMULA..writeback training 1

I cant write..back..??? help me!.. i u helps me

me:Just finished reading my own post for the past years
I don't think I can write like that anymore

  i : why?

me: But ya..I want that again. That write..but something happens in my life in that gap thay discourage me to write
I think

Especially now..with new knowledge dpt in info from books n website..and youtube. .I wanna write about what I think
But what I think now is I cant write

 i : u didnt get any idea to write right?

me: and it wont be as good as the ol days
Tapi tapi tapi
Expression like this..
Me expressing what I thought and feel..
Writing it to u..
This is blogging
Huhu :)
Thx i u

Btw ya..
Its not just idea
I cant bad at remembering. .memorizing
And that's why I blog mula mula dolok
As a diary kind of thingy

 i: same goes with me

me: I cant remember how I write dolokkk!
How I came up with those kind of writing..?
But reading it back
I recall something..
Some..something something..some
Maybe just ujong ujong..tempias..
A glimpse..
Of what ive felt and whats been playing in my mind when I wrote those dolok..

;) it feels good
And i want to feel this again in the future
Like after 5 years
Ill be reading what i think right now
Telling it to u..
I know for sure
It will make me smile..

Here I have my new entry
My training to write back entry. .
Thx coachezzizza!

December 2012.
.2 years gap

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